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Positive affirmations have never been this healing, this effective, this powerful.  Begin your mental, physical & spiritual healing today & download your FREE pdf e-book entitled, "I AM Health & Wellness Positive Affirmations" by CLICKING HERE.

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Join us for a weekly podcast about discovering, creating and enjoying life's blissful moments.  YouTube sensation, Blissful Mindfulness, will be posting podcasts and videos that will inspire you to follow your bliss.  You will be uplifted, inspired and moved to the blissful depths of you.  We'll talk about staying focused on the goodness in life.  We'll also talk about ways to attract an abundance of love, prosperity, happiness and bliss into your life.  To learn more & register CLICK HERE.

Our creative artistry has inspired children and adults alike throughout the DMV for over 5 years and now we are bringing it to the world. Here, art flourishes in the form of visual arts, performing arts, literature, music and more. We're home to a distinguished family of artists and a community favorite art program. Come be inspired!

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